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Everyone has a perception of manufactured homes; how they are built, how they hold up in severe weather, even what they look like.

The reality of today’s manufactured homes is much different than the perception they have carried over the past several decades. By Federal Law in 1976 the mobile home went away and the manufactured home was born. While the HUD Code has undergone changes over the years, each change was designed to create better homes. Gone are the days of cheap paneling, inferior building materials, and tenement on wheels.
Check out this article and video with one of the original government officials that helped guide the manufactured home industry from the days of cheap trailers to the modern systems built homes of today.

Check out Dwayne being interviewed at the recent Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

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Our FAQ’s

Q: I’ve always heard that manufactured homes aren’t safe during strong storms. How safe are they?

A: To answer that question, you really need to watch this NBC News video report about how an inexpensive manufactured home survives a hurricane wind test while a conventional ‘site-built’ house loses its roof and sustains major damage.

Q: I’ve been told I have to live in the country to have a manufactured home. Can I buy or custom order a systems built home for more urban living?

A: Yes! Please see this article on manufactured and modular homes that are being placed inside city limits.

Q: Aren’t systems built homes just for those with bad credit and/or low income?

A: Actually, systems built homes are being enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Malibu millionaires are calling modern systems built homes “trendy”. They are even called “affordable luxury”. Check out this CBS News video report about people from all economic groups that are buying them today.

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